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Remarketing Method: Scoring Range

Scoring Range A scoring range can be used to determine the level of interest or engagement a user has shown...

Email Template Builder

Go to Templates Tab > Click + template button to add new email campaign. In Add email template, insert: Subject...

Remarketing Method: Received Log

Received log Involves leveraging the data from received email logs within your EDM system to target and re-engage individuals who...

DotMail Process Flow

DotMail process flow involves the steps taken to execute an email marketing campaign effectively. Here's a brief description of the...

How to Control Statistic

What are Statistic in the DotMail Refers to the presentation of numerical data or metrics related to the performance and...

How to Add/Edit/Delete Email Template Builder

Add Email Template Go to 'Dashboard' then click 'Template Builder' to access template builder page. Click 'Add' icon to add...

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